She Approached, She Waited
of life and transformation
Beautiful, also.
Power Of Self
Vision And Grace
The Foundation Of Healing
Flower Girl
Examination Of Diversity 1
She Was Uncertain...
Alice By The Sea
Young Girl At Window
World Of Possibilities
One Voice Forward
A Heart So Strong
Midnight In The Melting Sea
A Quiet Soul
Waters Below 3
The Moon Keeper
Talent and Intelligence
Calculating Flight
Woman In The Reeds
Mother Earth
When We Walk Together We Cannot....
Examination Of Diversity 5
I Am Not A Trophy
Examination Of Diversity 4
New Perspective
Their Way Of Understanding...
Examination Of Diversity 2
Mother 3
He Believed In More Than What There Was And So He Changed The World
The Wind Carried With...
We Teach Our Children How to Lay...
Waters Below 2
We Three Kings
Innocence Leaves Us Free
The Space That Echoes
Mother 2
The Lone Paparazzi
Waters Below 1
Mother 1
Fire, Water
Earth, Air
Mother Creation

Mixed Media and Digital Art